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inadox MAIL - E-Mail Management

Key facts at a glance

  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook® as an add-on or a Blockchain
  • Flexible adaptation to customer needs
  • Intuitive operation without training
  • Automatic validation of manually-acquired data
  • Easy transfer to business processes
  • Automated processing of group and group mailboxes
  • Archivable PDF / A conversion of e-mails and their attachments
  • Traceable archiving in dossiers


Customer Communication

Handling inquiries professionally means satisfied customers

  • Archiving incoming and outgoing e-mails in the e-dossier
  • Timely forwarding to process-leading systems
  • Contributes to the 360 ° view of customer communication
  • Improves the availability of information and customer care


Compliance with legal requirements

  • Systematic classification and assignment of e-mails in the relevant business context
  • Selective archiving of business communication without media breaks
  • Ensures the long-term availability of important information
  • Traceability through the archiving process

Flexible architecture

Transparent, safe and legally-compliant

  • Data retrieval and dynamic validation of user input in the add-in via web services in core systems and databases
  • E-Mail Management Server for PDF/A conversion of e-mails incl. attachments
  • Server-side processing of collective and group mailboxes (IMAP, EWS)
  • Standard interfaces for export to mailbox, workflow and archive systems


Contact person:


Fabian Seimer

Head Information Management